22PLE VX1 Signature Glass Coating Paint Protection Packages

CP Car Detailing is proud to announce their approval for being the authorized installer of 22PLE Signature Glass Coatings to exotic and luxury automobiles in the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut & Pennsylvania areas. For those car enthusiasts who want maximum long term paint protection, trim protection & wheel protection from dirt, debris & other contamination, the New York car detailers at CP Car Detailing agree that 22PLE is the latest technology in paint protection systems that goes above and beyond any past car wax, paint sealant, or paint coating.

What is 22PLE Signature Glass Coating?

22PLE Signature Glass Coating (also known as VX1) is a high silica-based paint coating that can be applied to clearcoat and non clear coated automobile paint to protect the paint from the elements. But rather than lasting a few weeks or even a few months, 22PLE has been proven to last 1-2 years during it’s extensive beta tests in the hands of some of the best car detailers in the country. What makes 22PLE different is not only does it last for a legitimate 1-2 years, but it actually offers incredible shine as well. Expect deep, rich reflections after applying this product. And, your paint will literally be smooth like glass. Why, because it’s made from glass! It’s important to note though, it won’t shatter like glass, so don’t worry about that (I’ve already been asked this question several times, so it’s important that I mention it).

Why You Should Apply 22PLE Paint Protection To Your New Or Used Car

With such an impressive system applied to your car, dirt, rain and other foreign particles such as sand, rail dust, pollen and snow will have a tougher time sticking to your vehicle, resulting in a finish that stays cleaner for longer periods of time. The longer your car stays clean, the less you need to wash it. And, the less you have to wash your car, the less chance you have of putting swirls and scratches in your paint. Furthermore, when you do get a chance to wash your car, the slick glass coating will allow your wash mitt or sponge to gently glide over the surface, almost like it’s on ice. Once washed and ready for a rinse, soap and water will sheet right off, allowing drying your car to be faster and easier as well. Overall these benefits combine to make you less likely to put swirls and scratches into your car’s paint, and that’s important when you have super soft paints like on some Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, McLaren & other exotic automobiles.

22PLE Offers Protection For Wheels, Metals & Plastic Trim In High Temperature Areas As Well

Fortunately, the same maximum long term coating technology in 22PLE VX1 Paint Coating has been transferred over into a wheel and rim protection system, as well as a plastic trim protection system to reduce the change of UV damage, premature aging from high temperatures, and more resistance to holding dirt on the surface.

An Ideal Car Paint Protection System For Winter & Other Harsh Environments

With the full 22PLE paint coating treatment, your car, truck, sedan or sports car will enjoy the protection it deserves for the long term, without the need for special treatment after application. 22PLE is the perfect choice for car paint protection packages in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut & Pennsylvania. With an incredibly tight bond to the paint, 22PLE will fight off all of winter’s elements, including salt, sand, mud, slush and of course, snow. With 22PLE car paint coatings, you will be able to maintain a like new appearance on your car, regardless of the mileage.

What’s The Cure Time For 22PLE Glass Coating For Car Paint, Plastic Trim & Wheels

After the first application of protection, 22PLE needs 3-5 hours to cure. So avoid bringing the car outside or exposed to water, rain or dirt. After this initial cure time, it will take 5 days for 22PLE to fully cure to it’s maximum hardness. You can wash your car with traditional soap and water, just keep in mind that between the 5th hour and 5th day, the product is still curing so you don’t want to expose the paint to anything extreme during that time.

What’s The Longest Lasting Car Wax Or Paint Sealant For Your Car?

The product that gives you the longest lasting paint protection is not a wax or a sealant…it’s 22PLE Glass Coating. When your looking for paint protection systems for your car in the NY, NJ, CT or PA areas, contact CP Car Detailing and set-up an appointment to get your car the paint protection it deserves so it stays looking like new! Check out our suggested 22PLE Paint Protection Packages, it’s perfect for new car detailing or for easy used car maintenance.

Contact CP Car Detailing Now To Schedule The Best Automobile Paint Protection System In NY, NJ, CT & PA

When you are ready to give your favorite sports car, sedan, SUV or exotic the best paint protection service to resist dirt, dust, snow and more, without sacrificing an incredible shine and wet, glossy look, call us at 845-476-8881 or 201-575-0861. Combined with a wash, clay barring process & at least one level of paint polishing, your will be looking fantastic for years to come.


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