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Ciro Papi is highly skilled at the art of car detailing. From average daily drivers to million dollar supercars, Ciro has the experience that it takes to bring cars to their highest level of appearance possible.

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How To Wash A Car Properly

How To Wash A Car Properly

Professional Tips On How To Wash Your Car By Hand Without Adding Swirls And Scratches To The Paint

We at CP Car Detailing are obsessed with preventing swirls and fine

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Carrera GT & Lamborghini Countach Detailed By CP Car Detailing

The Ultimate Shine Requires Paint Polishing

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The ultimate shine requires polishing in some form to your paint. No wax in the world will improve the appearance of a paint surface as

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Saleen S7 Detailed By CP Car Detailing With Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster

Why Cars Diminish In Appearance

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Your new or used vehicle has been diminishing in appearance after leaving the dealership lot simply because it’s appearance has not been maintained properly. The

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