Bent Wheel Repairs In NY, NJ & CT

NY, NJ, CT PA Wheel Repair Photos By CP Car Detailing

Before and after photos of some of the many wheel repairs we have performed, including curb rash repair, refinishing, powdercoating, and aluminum/magnesium wheel polishing in the NY, NJ, CT areas

[img src=]81.2k0Wheel Repair In NY By CP Car Detailing
[img src=]75.3k0Curb Damage Before Repair On A Dodge Viper Wheel
[img src=]73.2k0Dodge Viper Wheels With Curb Rash Before Repair By CP Car Detailing
[img src=]70.9k0Curb Rash Repair In New York On A Dodge Viper Performend By CP Car Detailing
[img src=]69k0Chevrolet Corvette Wheel Refinishing Before Work By CP Car Detailing
[img src=]67.8k0Chevrolet Corvette Wheel Refinishing After Work By CP Car Detailing
[img src=]66k0Corvette Wheel After Being Refinished By CP Car Detailing
[img src=]66.1k0Wheel Scratches Before Curb Rash Repair On An Audi A4 By CP Car Detailing
[img src=]65.2k0Curb Rash Repaired On An Audi A4 By CP Car Detailing
[img src=]63.7k0Powdering Wheels In NY By CP Car Detailing In Red And Gold
[img src=]63.3k0Wheel Refinishing In New York By CP Car Detailing
[img src=]62.9k0Tractor Trailer Wheel Before Metal Polishing By CP Car Detailing
[img src=]62.5k0Mirror Shine To Truck Wheels After Metal Polishing By CP Car Detailing
[img src=]62k0Truck Wheel Before Metal Polishing By CP Car Detailing
[img src=]61.7k0Truck Wheels After Metal Polishing By CP Car Detailing
[img src=]61.3k0Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Wheels With A Custom Finish By CP Car Detailing
When you need expert bent wheel repairs in NY, NJ & CT, call CP Car Detailing for a proper repair.  Using laser measurements and advanced techniques, our bent rim repair professional has the knowledge needed to fix a variety of bends that can form on a wheel.  Whether you have hit a curb and distorted a wheel, ran over a large pothole, or drove over a large rock or other object and disfigured your wheel, we are here to repair the damage to your alloy wheels.  Bent wheel repairs in New Jersey, New York & Connecticut are some of the most common issues faced by drivers on the road today due to the dramatic temperature changes that can result in large shifts of asphalt, resulting in the formation of large potholes and cracks in roads, which drivers sometimes don’t see and accidentally hit.  We are here to help fix your bent wheels!

Based out of the Hudson Valley in New York, CP Car Detailing’s bent wheel repair services cater to a large variety of wheels, whether they are on an exotic sports car, rugged SUV, luxury sedan or everyday vehicle.  Some cracks in the wheel can also be repaired using a specialized welding technique to bring the wheel back to a rigid shape.  These cracks could be causing your tires to loose air, resulting in dangerously low tire pressures that could cause the tire to come off the wheel.  Prevent this from happening by fixing the bent rim before it turns into a catastrophic accident.

How To Fix A Bent Rim Or Alloy Wheel In New York, New Jersey & Connecticut

Rims that are bent are repaired using a variety of techniques.  One of the most common techniques we use is to heat the metal so it is relatively pliable after being mounted to our custom bent wheel machine.  The softened metal is then reshaped by a combination of hand and machine techniques, then laser measured to ensure it spins fee and true.  Repairing bends in wheels could actually fix several problems on cars, including steering wheels that vibrate at speed, irregular wear on tires, vibrations in the steering when braking, slow tire leaks, whining noises, and more.

Offering Mobile Bent Rim Repairs In The Hudson Valley & Surrounding Areas

Our mobile bent rim repair service serves a large area across Orange County NY, New York City, Manhattan County, Bergen County, Rockland County, Westchester County, Putnam County, Ulster County & much more.  We offer a large variety of wheel repair services besides just bent wheel repair, including curb rash repairs, custom wheel refinishing & repainting in ny, nj, pa, & powdercoating.  For the lowest price possible on wheel repairs, come to our location in Orange County, NY.  For an extra fee we could come to you!

Contact The Bent Wheel Repair Professionals Serving New York, New Jersey & Connecticut

Ready to get the bends in your wheels fixed professionally?  Get in contact with our wheel repair professionals for the very best bent wheel repair service in NY, NJ & CT.  Call us at 845-476-8881, 201-575-0861 or email us at  Looking for more than just bent wheel repair?  CP Car Detailing offers in the ultimate in swirl removal packages for a show car look to your vehicle, as well as new car vehicle preparation that goes above and beyond what car dealerships don’t do & highly skilled artisan paintless dent repairs.




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