What Is PDR?

PDR is an acronym for the term paintless dent repair. Just like how it sounds, pdr is the art of repairing a ding or dent in a car’s metal body panels through the use of unique tools without the need for sanding, bondo, fillers, or repainting an area. This process helps to save you an enormous amount of money and risk when it comes to fixing minor body damage to your car or truck. Instead of paying for replacement car parts and serious body work that can take literally weeks to complete, paintless dent removal can take dramatically less time, anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours depending on the number of dings and dents that need to be repaired, as well as their accessibility.

Common body damage that can be removed and fixed by pdr services include:

-dings and dents caused by careless people who hit their door into your car because they parked too close to you, people leaning on your car because they think nothing is going to happen if they put their weight on the sensitive body panels, walk into your car by accident because they are on their cell phones and they don’t look up to see where they are going, purposely hit their car because they are angry…this list goes on and on

-dings and dents caused by foreign objects that we have no control over such as hail, acorns, berries, nuts, pine trees, ice, tree limbs falling, shopping carts being pushed by the wind, etc…

Found A Dent In Your Car? How PDR Removes A Dent

One of the most frustrating moments of any car enthusiasts life is when they walk up to their pride and joy and find a noticeable dent on the side of their door. Of course, the first thing on their mind is…”WHO DID THIS and HOW DID THIS HAPPEN…I PARK SO FAR FROM EVERBODY HOW COME I GET A DENT!!!” But no need to worry. Once you call an expert paintless dent repair company such as CP Car Detailing, a paintless dent technician will come out to your vehicle, or you will come to our location, and we will evaluate your dent to see if it can be removed. On the majority of metal body panels, pdr techs can sufficiently remove a dent. During the evaluation, our pdr servicemen are looking for a few major factors:

-depth and size of the dent: The larger and deeper the dent, the more work needs to be done to safely repair the damage. Larger dings can also mean a greater chance of paint cracking, chipping and flaking, which would need paintwork to fully repair.

-location of the dent: Dents are most easily removed on surfaces that are flat, for example the middle of a door panel or hood. On the other hand, dents on edges, creases and some body contours can be difficult if not impossible to remove. Replacement of the panel would be needed for a perfect repair in this scenario

-accessibility to the dent: Ding removal is easy when the damage is in easily accessible areas such as the hood or trunk. These body panels simply have to be opened to reach behind the surface, as paintless dent repair usually works by manipulating the dent from behind the paint surface. Dents in door panels may need to be accessed by fitting tools into the window frame, dings in fenders may need to be accessed by moving the inner wheel well panels, and dents in roofs and pillars may require interior headliners and pillar trimmings to be removed to access the dent itself.

Once a plan of attack is devised the paintless dent repair technician will use various sized rods, tools and hammers to gently press and massage the dent until it is flush with the paint. This is possible because today’s metal body panels naturally have “memory” built into them. Meaning, they can be coaxed into their original shape, albeit with highly skilled work.

What PDR Cannot Fix

Despite pdr’s ability to repair a large variety of cosmetic imperfections on vehicles, paintless dent repair does not work on fiberglass (which does not dent, rather, it cracks) or certain arras of a vehicle where access is restricted or the damage is too severe.

Ready For Expert PDR Services In NY, NJ, CT & PA?

Contact the experts at CP Car Detailing for all your dent and ding removal needs. Mobile car detailing is not our only area of expertise! We have trained PDR techs ready to work with you throughout the tri-state area! Call now at 201-575-0861, email us at ciro@cpcardetailing.com, or fill out the form on the top right of this page to request a quote. For the best pdr service in the tri state area, choose CP Car Detailing.


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