Curb Rash & Rim Repair Service In NY, NJ & CT

NY, NJ, CT PA Wheel Repair Photos By CP Car Detailing

Before and after photos of some of the many wheel repairs we have performed, including curb rash repair, refinishing, powdercoating, and aluminum/magnesium wheel polishing in the NY, NJ, CT areas

[img src=]81.3k0Wheel Repair In NY By CP Car Detailing
[img src=]75.4k0Curb Damage Before Repair On A Dodge Viper Wheel
[img src=]73.4k0Dodge Viper Wheels With Curb Rash Before Repair By CP Car Detailing
[img src=]71k0Curb Rash Repair In New York On A Dodge Viper Performend By CP Car Detailing
[img src=]69.1k0Chevrolet Corvette Wheel Refinishing Before Work By CP Car Detailing
[img src=]67.9k0Chevrolet Corvette Wheel Refinishing After Work By CP Car Detailing
[img src=]66.1k0Corvette Wheel After Being Refinished By CP Car Detailing
[img src=]66.2k0Wheel Scratches Before Curb Rash Repair On An Audi A4 By CP Car Detailing
[img src=]65.2k0Curb Rash Repaired On An Audi A4 By CP Car Detailing
[img src=]63.8k0Powdering Wheels In NY By CP Car Detailing In Red And Gold
[img src=]63.3k0Wheel Refinishing In New York By CP Car Detailing
[img src=]63k0Tractor Trailer Wheel Before Metal Polishing By CP Car Detailing
[img src=]62.6k0Mirror Shine To Truck Wheels After Metal Polishing By CP Car Detailing
[img src=]62k0Truck Wheel Before Metal Polishing By CP Car Detailing
[img src=]61.8k0Truck Wheels After Metal Polishing By CP Car Detailing
[img src=]61.4k0Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Wheels With A Custom Finish By CP Car Detailing
CP Car Detailing’s rim repair and curb rash refinishing service is run by a true “artist” who has been personally refinishing and/or fixing damaged car rims for years. Whether by hitting a curb and scratching a wheel, driving into a pothole and chipping the rim or other accidental causes, our curb rash repair experts have the skills needed to repair wheels to look like new. Our experienced technicians service NY, NJ, CT and have mastered the process of repairing and refinishing custom wheels to better than factory condition. Rather than rushing a job just to get it done, CP Car Detailing’s wheel scratch repair professionals take the time to ensure it’s done right.

Wheel Repairs By Passionate Experts In The Tri State Area

It’s not just an average joe working on your expensive wheels. CP Car Detailing offers wheel repair services in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey & Pennsylvania performed by experienced, passionate car enthusiasts who do not stop until work is completed to perfection. We don’t say “yes” to every job out there just to attempt to fix a problem. If something cannot be fixed, we will let you know. But most of the time damaged wheels can be fixed with patience, skilled techniques, and most of all, passion. Driving in NY, NJ & CT can be rough on your wheels. When a rim is scratched or a wheel is curbed, get in contact with our professionals to ensure the job is done right!

Our Rim Repair Process For Scratches, Curb Rash & Scuffs On Wheels

The rim repair process includes an initial evaluation of the overall extent of the damage. The depth of the scratch, nick or scuff, the wheel finish and the overall condition of the wheel(s) are carefully reviewed. Sanding of the affected area(s) is then completed with high quality equipment in a very precise manner in order to render the damage invisible to the naked eye as well as to the touch. Depending on the finish requested, a paint polishing is then completed and the rims are thoroughly cleaned. Only premium basecoats, paints and clear coats are utilized. To complete the process, these products are then professionally sprayed within a controlled environment, allowing adequate drying time in between coats. The end result is a highly superior product with no visible damage. The rims are, essentially, better than new.

Rim Repair Services Offered:

-wheel refinishing
-curb rash repairs
-bent wheel repairs
-wheel scuff repairs
-custom wheel finishes & colors

Wheel Repair Prices In NY, NJ & CT

CP Car Detailing’s prices on the repairing of scratched wheels and curbed rims vary greatly due to the highly specialized nature of the service, the various techniques we may use to repair your wheels, and the types of finishing requested on custom projects. Discounts are offered for multiple wheel repairs or refinishes of the same type. Call us now at 201-575-0861, email us at or fill out the form to the right to request a consultation with our wheel repair expert, whether you live in New York, New Jersey or Connecticut.

Also Offering Custom Colors & Wheel Refinishing For Non-Damaged & Custom Wheels

Looking to customize the look of your undamaged wheels? CP Car Detailing offers wheel refinishing of non-damaged rims. Custom colors and finishes are available. Get in contact with our wheel technician to discuss options for making your wheels reflect your own personal style and taste.


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