Wheel Refinishing In NY, NJ & CT

NY, NJ, CT PA Wheel Repair Photos By CP Car Detailing

Before and after photos of some of the many wheel repairs we have performed, including curb rash repair, refinishing, powdercoating, and aluminum/magnesium wheel polishing in the NY, NJ, CT areas

[img src=http://cpcardetailing.com/wp-content/flagallery/ny-nj-ct-pa-wheel-repair-photos-by-cp-car-detailing/thumbs/thumbs_wheel-repair-in-ny-by-cp-car-detailing.gif]81.2k0Wheel Repair In NY By CP Car Detailing
[img src=http://cpcardetailing.com/wp-content/flagallery/ny-nj-ct-pa-wheel-repair-photos-by-cp-car-detailing/thumbs/thumbs_curb-damage-before-repair-on-a-dodge-viper-wheel.gif]75.3k0Curb Damage Before Repair On A Dodge Viper Wheel
[img src=http://cpcardetailing.com/wp-content/flagallery/ny-nj-ct-pa-wheel-repair-photos-by-cp-car-detailing/thumbs/thumbs_dodge-viper-wheels-with-curb-rash-before-repair-by-cp-car-detailing.gif]73.2k0Dodge Viper Wheels With Curb Rash Before Repair By CP Car Detailing
[img src=http://cpcardetailing.com/wp-content/flagallery/ny-nj-ct-pa-wheel-repair-photos-by-cp-car-detailing/thumbs/thumbs_curb-rash-repair-in-new-york-on-a-dodge-viper-performend-by-cp-car-detailing.gif]70.9k0Curb Rash Repair In New York On A Dodge Viper Performend By CP Car Detailing
[img src=http://cpcardetailing.com/wp-content/flagallery/ny-nj-ct-pa-wheel-repair-photos-by-cp-car-detailing/thumbs/thumbs_chevrolet-corvette-wheel-refinishing-before-work-by-cp-car-detailing.gif]69k0Chevrolet Corvette Wheel Refinishing Before Work By CP Car Detailing
[img src=http://cpcardetailing.com/wp-content/flagallery/ny-nj-ct-pa-wheel-repair-photos-by-cp-car-detailing/thumbs/thumbs_chevrolet-corvette-wheel-refinishing-after-work-by-cp-car-detailing.gif]67.8k0Chevrolet Corvette Wheel Refinishing After Work By CP Car Detailing
[img src=http://cpcardetailing.com/wp-content/flagallery/ny-nj-ct-pa-wheel-repair-photos-by-cp-car-detailing/thumbs/thumbs_corvette-wheel-after-being-refinished-by-cp-car-detailing.gif]66k0Corvette Wheel After Being Refinished By CP Car Detailing
[img src=http://cpcardetailing.com/wp-content/flagallery/ny-nj-ct-pa-wheel-repair-photos-by-cp-car-detailing/thumbs/thumbs_wheel-scratches-before-curb-rash-repair-on-an-audi-a4-by-cp-car-detailing.gif]66.1k0Wheel Scratches Before Curb Rash Repair On An Audi A4 By CP Car Detailing
[img src=http://cpcardetailing.com/wp-content/flagallery/ny-nj-ct-pa-wheel-repair-photos-by-cp-car-detailing/thumbs/thumbs_curb-rash-repaired-on-an-audi-a4-by-cp-car-detailing.gif]65.2k0Curb Rash Repaired On An Audi A4 By CP Car Detailing
[img src=http://cpcardetailing.com/wp-content/flagallery/ny-nj-ct-pa-wheel-repair-photos-by-cp-car-detailing/thumbs/thumbs_powdering-wheels-in-ny-by-cp-car-detailing-in-red-and-gold.gif]63.7k0Powdering Wheels In NY By CP Car Detailing In Red And Gold
[img src=http://cpcardetailing.com/wp-content/flagallery/ny-nj-ct-pa-wheel-repair-photos-by-cp-car-detailing/thumbs/thumbs_wheel-refinishing-in-new-york-by-cp-car-detailing.gif]63.3k0Wheel Refinishing In New York By CP Car Detailing
[img src=http://cpcardetailing.com/wp-content/flagallery/ny-nj-ct-pa-wheel-repair-photos-by-cp-car-detailing/thumbs/thumbs_tractor-trailer-wheel-before-metal-polishing-by-cp-car-detailing.gif]62.9k0Tractor Trailer Wheel Before Metal Polishing By CP Car Detailing
[img src=http://cpcardetailing.com/wp-content/flagallery/ny-nj-ct-pa-wheel-repair-photos-by-cp-car-detailing/thumbs/thumbs_mirror-shine-to-truck-wheels-after-metal-polishing-by-cp-car-detailing.gif]62.5k0Mirror Shine To Truck Wheels After Metal Polishing By CP Car Detailing
[img src=http://cpcardetailing.com/wp-content/flagallery/ny-nj-ct-pa-wheel-repair-photos-by-cp-car-detailing/thumbs/thumbs_truck-wheel-before-metal-polishing-by-cp-car-detailing.gif]62k0Truck Wheel Before Metal Polishing By CP Car Detailing
[img src=http://cpcardetailing.com/wp-content/flagallery/ny-nj-ct-pa-wheel-repair-photos-by-cp-car-detailing/thumbs/thumbs_truck-wheels-after-metal-polishing-by-cp-car-detailing.gif]61.7k0Truck Wheels After Metal Polishing By CP Car Detailing
[img src=http://cpcardetailing.com/wp-content/flagallery/ny-nj-ct-pa-wheel-repair-photos-by-cp-car-detailing/thumbs/thumbs_mitsubishi-lancer-evolutions-wheels-with-a-custom-finish-by-cp-car-detailing.gif]61.3k0Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Wheels With A Custom Finish By CP Car Detailing
When it comes to refinishing your wheels, whether factory or aftermarket, CP Car Detailing has the expertise and patience needed to restore your automobile’s wheels to like-new condition. We offer the best wheel refinishing services in NJ, NY & CT that goes above and beyond inferior services. Whereas some New York, Connecticut or New Jersey wheel refinishing services guarantee your wheels will be done in an hour or less, CP Car Detailing NEVER puts a time constraint on our work. Why? Because our wheel repair experts don’t rush any job. Rushing a rim refinishing process only leads to an inferior end-result, and that’s not what we are about. Like all of CP Car Detailing’s services, we take refinishing wheels seriously, they are one of our art forms to demonstrate what skilled manual labor can do when passion is the driving force behind it.

How Wheels Can Get Damaged and Require Refinishing To Fix

CP Car Detailing’s rim professional refinishing process is designed to restore the appearance of your wheels, even if they have a custom painted finish. Performed in a custom made facility designed to be the best work environment for painting and refinishing wheels, CP Car Detailing’s wheel repairs are the finest you will see for your luxury, exotic, high performance or sports car. The fact of the matter is, the finish of a car, truck or SUV wheel can be damaged for several reasons, including:

Exposure to harsh chemicals

An inexperienced, cheap car detailer could have used an overly aggressive wheel acid to clean the brake dust on your sensitive wheels, permanently staining and damaging the finish

Wheel Neglect

Many high performance vehicles, especially BMW, Porsche, Audi & Mercedes Benz, Ferrari & Lamborghini use aggressive brake pad compounds that tend to product significant brake dust. If not cleaned off within a reasonable time period, this accumulation of brake dust on the wheel’s surface can result in permanent spotting, staining and yellowing of the finish. The chance of staining your wheels becomes even more of a risk when using ultra-aggressive racing brake pads, which tend to product brake dust that is corrosive to wheel finishes. With the many local race tracks including Watkins Glen, Monticello Race Track, Englishtown Raceway & NJ Motorsports Park surround the tri state area, its more common to find this problem than one might expect amongst autocrossers & road racers.

Improper Cleaning

It is very common to see amateur and quasi-professional car detailers in NY, NJ & CT using overly stiff bristles, sponges and towels to clean wheels. Or, the tools that they use are filled with dirt and debris. When these dirty tools are brushed up against a rim’s surface, wheels become heavily scratched and faded. Wheel scratches can become so deep that the scratches won’t be able to come out without risking the integrity of the wheel surface itself. At this point, refinishing your wheels becomes the perfect alternative

Pothole And Curb Damage

Whether by accident or on purpose, we have all hit an expansion joint, pothole, or curb while driving our vehicles. The roads and highways of New York, New Jersey & Connecticut are filled with surface irregularities that can cause serious damage to your wheels. And, the cringe that shoots up your spine when you hear your wheel slam into a pothole or rub against a tall curb in a parking lot is a terrible sound for any car enthusiast. Rather than shell out thousands of dollars for new wheels, CP Car Detailing’s wheel repair service in NY, NJ & CT can restore the condition of your wheels without the hefty price tag.

Contact Us Now For The Best Wheel Refinishing Service In NJ, NY & CT

When you are ready for the best wheel refinishing service in NY, NJ & CT, get in contact with the wheel refinishers at CP Car Detailing. Call us now at 201-575-0861, email us at ciro@cpcardetailing.com, or request a quote by filling out the form on the right. We look forward to providing you with the highest quality wheel repair services in New York, New Jersey & Connecticut.


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